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thanks for coming to my site. i'm glad you took the time to click on the link i have somewhere on my socials.

everything about this page is obviously taken from someone else (see disclaimers in the sidebar), but i plan to completely rewrite this site with my own little flair. i just wanted to get this site up in time. :)

you might be asking, "why does this site look so primitive?" well the answer to that is the Old Web/Web Revival/Personal Web. using your creative mind to make personal websites is so much fun. relying on big corporate social media is a pain, so why not connect with others through personal websites and forums?

i hope you enjoy what i have here and maybe you, too, can join me on this creative journey to bring back to the good ol' days of the internet to life.

quote i live by recently

"he who enters the arena is far more honorable than he who watches from the stands"

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Status Cafe Profilei'm a 23 yr old dude from nevada, usa. i like photography, virtual reality, learning american sign language, and sometimes coding. feel free to check out my github for the stuff i've made. much love <3

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